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If you are drowning in debt, the situation can become overwhelming.

You may be facing:

  • Creditor harassment from debt collectors
  • Be at risk for lawsuits
  • Wage garnishment
  • Repossession
  • And even foreclosure

This can lead to worry, stress, sleepless nights, and not knowing where to turn or what to do to remedy the situation. Many people put off tackling the problem out of embarrassment about their financial situation.

Yet this situation can arise for a number of reasons, from job loss to unpredicted medical expenses, an expensive divorce, and uneducated financial planning.

Getting help is critical if you wish to restore your peace of mind and build a better future. While the decision to file for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly, for some it may be the most viable and best solution when all other tactics have failed.

When Should You Call a Bankruptcy Attorney?

At Oakes Law Office, PC, our attorneys have concentrated a large portion of our practice on counseling and representing clients in bankruptcy options.

It is likely time to take action if your debt situation has become so dangerous that you are facing potential legal action from:

  • Creditors
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Loan companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • And more

Bankruptcy may be the solution that keeps your losses to a minimum, eliminates consumer debt, and gives you a fresh start.

How Bankruptcy Can Help

When you file for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court immediately issues an “automatic stay” that prohibits your creditors from making any further attempts to collect from you. This stops threatening phone calls, letters, texts, and potential lawsuits.

Depending on the circumstances of your situation, such as whether you are facing a potential foreclosure, wage garnishment, or other legal action, a bankruptcy filing may provide the following benefits:

  • Foreclosure. You may be able to stop a foreclosure and, through the bankruptcy action, pay back any arrearages while maintaining your mortgage payments going forward.
  • Repossessions. If you are being threatened with or have already lost your vehicle, you may be able to stop repossession or recover your vehicle.
  • Medical/dental bills. If you have accumulated these due to an unpredicted illness or injury, you may be able to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Credit harassment. This is stopped by the automatic stay including unscrupulous, unfair, and abusive tactics from debt collectors that you may have suffered.
  • Utilities. You may not have been able to pay for these services when overburdened with debt. You may be able to have these services restored through a bankruptcy filing.
  • Wage garnishment. If you have been threatened with or have already had wages garnished, you may be able to stop or end this practice with Chapter 7 or 13 filing.
  • Student loans. Bankruptcy does not usually eliminate these debts but you may be able to reduce or consolidate to make future payment less burdensome.

Overburdened by runaway debt? Contact Oakes Law Office, PC online or at (541) 204-2037 to arrange for a free, initial consultation.

    Our Medford Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

    The simple fact that you cannot meet your financial obligations each month, whatever they may be, often turns to:

    • Extreme stress
    • Further deterioration of your financial situation
    • And further financial loss

    Under these circumstances, you need to understand your options, how bankruptcy works, its pros and cons, and have your situation assessed to determine the best solution for you. It is important to remember that bankruptcy has been established by the state and federal government as a legally acceptable way to eliminate consumer debt for the honest debtor with the goal of obtaining a fresh start.

    At Oakes Law Office, PC, we can educate and advise you on your debt relief options. Should a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing be the most viable solution for you, we can represent you every step of the way throughout the process. Our firm's goal is to put you back in financial control so that you can build a better future for yourself and your family.

    Book a free consultation online or by calling us at (541) 204-2037 today.

    Clients Share Their Experience

    • “I was made to feel very comfortable and I left feeling extremely confident. I was very well taken care of. So I hired Karen. She had great client education she was there with me every step of the way.”

      - Jaime P.
    • “Karen was able to help us solve the issue and she went after the other lawyer for his incompetence with excellent results.”

      - George F.
    • “A big thank you for all your help! Karen is very professional with a splash of personality and her staff is so helpful. All a delight to work with!”

      - Becky H.
    • “I was so pleased with the entire experience.”

      - Jain S.
    • “They allowed me to start over and gave me the knowledge to rebuild and helped me forgive myself for the mess I made from being irresponsible with my debt.”

      - Martha G.
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